Apple’s iPhone X Might Come with a Long-Awaited Accessory

Apple will hold a hardware event at its headquarters in Cupertino and some of us feel that’s when we will find out about a great accessory for the iPhone X.

What do we expect?

Apple will launch its next three iPhone models sometime next month. One of these will be the successor to the current iPhone X, one will be the bulked-up version of the iPhone X, probably called iPhone X Plus and the third one, rumor has it, will be a budget-friendly iPhone.

This one will supposedly feature an all-screen design. The lower cost will come from Apple using an LCD display instead of the OLED panel currently featured on the iPhone X. But these three iPhones are not the only reasons for us to get excited. Apple could launch an accessory which has been greatly expected for quite some time.

What will it be?

During an event last September, Apple announced the launch of a wireless charging mat called AirPower. At that time, the people from Apple were very confident that users will be able to purchase one sometime in 2018.

However, we haven’t heard anything about the AirPower ever since that conference. Don’t be disappointed because a Loveios has come across a report from Chongdiantou which clearly states that the AirPower will be launched next month.

This Chinese outlet claims to have spoken with Apple insiders and it seems that the AirPower will cost about $145. This combined with Bloomberg’s report that claimed the delay of AirPower’s launch from June gives us hope for next month.

This accessory will be able of charging up three Apple products at the same time and you can do so by placing the devices anywhere on the surface of the AirPower. We don’t know anything about its price officially, but let’s see what next month’s event has in store for us.

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