Apple’s iPhone 8 Biggest Changes and Improvements

One week ago Apple released a statement about the new iPhone’s design but there weren’t a lot of details and everybody was pretty disappointed about this. Off course a lot of rumors and theories appeared about the new design of iPhone but yesterday Apple come again with a full release of the new shape of iPhone 8.

An enlarged 5.8-inch display is surrounded by reduces edges of approximately 4mm on all sides. The bottom edge is also confirming that Apple will not bring back the headphone jack after removing it from iPhone 7 and despite any rumors, the Lighting port is also there.

It seams that Apple will enlarge the power button and the Touch id will not be integrated into the screen even though the technology existed for many years. What remains unclear is how Apple will integrate the cutout at the top of the display which was until now exclusive for the front facing camera and sensors.

When it comes about back part of the phone it appears that the camera will still be one the left side but will be a dual camera with the vertical alignments. Until now there are no statements about who will make the lens and what characteristics are they going to have but it is expected that Apple will stick with 12MP wide-angle.

Finally, it appears that the battery life will improve due to new L-shape battery configuration that is also on the actual iPhone 7 Plus. One big down side of the new iPhone 8 will be the price that is rumored to be somewhere between $1,100 for the 128GB and $1,200 for the 256GB model.

Apple failed to announce when it is going to release iPhone 8 so we can expect it this year or maybe who knows next year.

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