Apple’s Expensive Surprise Revealed by iPhone X Leaks

Apple keeps guessing about its most exciting iPhone model that also happens to be the cheapest. Unfortunately, as life brings bad with every good, the new model will inherit the design limitation, and this is all we know about it.

The “budget iPhone X” will have its cost saved by the LCD display but DigiTimes reports that it will not have the widely expected thick bezels. So, Apple can create the same bezel-less design anticipated in iPhone X Plus and iPhone X and rise the second generation’s price.

The Japanese manufacturer Nichia states that Apple is investing in its cutting-edge backlight technology which results in the creation of a 0.3t LED chip requiring an even smaller connector. I mean that the bottom bezel will be cut to 2-2.5mm contrary to the 0.4t chips from other LCD smartphones which’s 4-4.5mm connectors resulted in a more massive chin in iPhones.

The disadvantage of 0.3t LED chips is the decrease in stability and accuracy along with the cost. However, Apple is famous for its professionalism which makes us guess that testings have been started back in early 2018 to keep this issues under control.

These chips will come from the sole supplier, Nichia and will be introduced in the budget iPhone X. Somehow Nichia will be kept from increasing the price because of its Taiwanese and Chinese competitors trying to copy its efficiency. This will also open up the technology to Android handsets.

Taking everything into consideration, Apple put its hand on a huge deal which will make worth the company’s expense of investment.

Somehow, the budget iPhone might have a toy-like design due to its standard LCD technology, but those cost-saving features can be overlooked because Apple will surely keep a premium look for the budget iPhone X.

Kuo, an Apple analyst, says that buyers will scoop out of the pockets a sum of $300 for the budget iPhone.

At this stage, the remarkably affordable price might make people not want to give extra money for OLED iPhones especially if they know what risk Apple takes regarding its OLED supplier.

Apple has in plan to introduce OLED panel in its flagship iPhone X Plus which has a 6.5-inch display, but Bloomberg says the company will change from Samsung to LG. The hidden reason is supposed to be the cost as Apple is looking to “gain leverage in price negotiations with Samsung, the sole supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone X.”

Apparently, the buyers of Apple’s massive iPhone will be the ones feeling the cost.

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