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Apple’s Cheaper iPhone XR can now be Preordered

If you are more like a budget person when it comes to purchasing a phone, then you can finally buy an iPhone.

Yesterday at 12 a.m. the preorders for the iPhone XR from Apple kicked off. If you want to get it from the store, you can do so starting with 26th of October. However, there is one model that will not be delivered on launch day. That is the 128GB yellow iPhone XR from T-Mobile. It will be available one to two weeks earlier.

If you want to preorder the iPhone XR, you can do so on Sprint, Apple Store, Walmart, Best Buy, AT&T, Verizon, and also T-Mobile.

Now for the prices. The 64 GB of storage variant of the iPhone XR will be $749 which is $50 more expensive than 2016’s iPhone 8 which was sold at $699. However, you can see that the difference between iPhone XR’s price and its siblings, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS is significative. The iPhone XS has the same price as iPhone X did last year starting from  $999 to $1,349. The larger version of the phone can cost you up to $1,449 and starts at $1,099. It all depends on the amount of storage you want.

iPhone XR Preorders

Preorders are not a factor that can provide us with how many people are interested in the iPhones. That happens because there is no iPhone from Apple that is available in the same amount as another model. It all depends on how many iPhones can be manufactured until they get launched. In the past, it would take Apple 10 minutes to run out of some of their models. Many of the iPhone XS Max and XS were still available for purchase when they got launched on 21st of September, but the largest and most expensive variant of the iPhone XS Max could hardly be found at AT&T and Verizon.

The phone launches from Apple have not always run smoothly. Sometimes ago, the company’s website would not load as quickly as needed and only people who would use their iPad and iPhone apps would get to order the new phones. Last year, when the iPhone X was launched, the app from Apple had been in standby for 10 minutes after the preorders began.

In order to make the iPhone XR friendly for your budget, Apple decided to use cheaper parts than in its siblings, and this is why it will come with an LCD display instead of the OLED one and with an aluminum body instead of the stainless steel. One of the most significative differences between the budget iPhone and the more expensive ones is that it only has one rear camera and not two.

As we have been observing the phone industry for a while, we realized that the phones, especially the flagship, and most awaited ones, are getting more and more expensive. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone XS Max passed the $1,00 level which is quite worrying for a person that has that amount of money as a monthly salary. Even though Apple has its own group of loyal fans and purchasers, it is great that they decided to include a budget iPhone as well. No matter how popular and great Apple’s phones are, some people would rather stick with the less expensive phones from companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Huawei. Unfortunately, that can be seen in Apple’s revenue statistics. As the prices of the phones get higher, the revenue of the big companies starts to erode in the same way.

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