Apple’s Anti-Privacy Feature to Come Into Force with the Upcoming iOS 14 Beta Version

While many global companies released safety tips and posted material about cyber privacy on Data Privacy Day, Apple decided to do something that would further highlight its commitment towards working on the development of a variety of technology that would contribute towards making the internet a safer place for people.

The global tech giant decided to commemorate Data Privacy Day by publishing a new report which gives a detailed account of the practices followed in tracking data and also highlights the efforts taken by the company to stop this menace. Apple has also announced the arrival of a new anti-tracking feature with the upcoming iOS 14 Beta version. The update is expected to happen sometime during the spring season this year.

Apple’s seriousness towards combating data tracking and other issues related to cybersecurity is also evident in some of their other recent efforts. In December 2020, Apple took the initiative of introducing privacy nutrition labels on its App Store. There is also the soon-to-be-launched App Tracking Transparency feature that Facebook spoke harshly about.

In its official announcement, Apple stated that the anti-privacy feature will be made available with the next Beta update by the company. The feature is a sharp departure from the Identifier for Advertiser (IDFA) tag that makes it compulsory for apps to seek permission before tracking any user. The feature, by default, will get users opted out of ad tracking. When somebody opens the app for the first time, a dialogue box will pop up with two distinctive options – “Allow Tracking” and “Ask Apps Not To Track”.

According to Apple, the anti-privacy feature will launch in ‘early spring’.

Apart from the announcement about the Anti-Privacy feature, the tech giant published another report that focusses on privacy and throws some light on an upcoming talk that will be given by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection conference in Brussels on Thursday.

The privacy report has been named ‘A Day in the Life of Your Data’ and happens to be an illustrated guide to the different techniques of data tracking used by data brokers and different organizations. Apart from giving an overview of the different practices, it also brings to the fore tracking statistics generated from third-party sources.

Apple has also released information about many of its features and policies that have contributed towards bringing down ad tracking and other kinds of data harvesting. Some of the general policies include reducing the volume of data collected, processing the data that is available on a particular device, an improvement in user transparency and control, and implementing the necessary security practices to keep user data safe.

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