Apple’s 2018 iPhone Line-up So Far – Three Rear Cameras and LCD Displays

Apple’s 2018 iPhone Line-up So Far – Three Rear Cameras and LCD Displays

In the latter half of this year, we can expect Apple to release a new iPhone line-up which will be made up of three new and updated devices. The first things that we hope to see from the start is a new design and some new features being added. Moreover, we can already assume that these three new models will come with better processing speeds, better battery life and maybe even a better screen resolution. After all, if Apple is not planning on making significant changes to the outside, it most certainly will be working on the inside components.

With other Android brands working hard on integrating some of the features that Apple has made famous with iPhone X and coming up with some of their own, the giant tech company most certainly has to pick up the pace to maintain its position in the market.

Release Date

As per usual, Apple has not made any comments or official announcements concerning the release date for the smartphone. However, based on release events that we have seen take place during previous years, we can deduce that this year’s line-up will be announced and released in the fall, with a September launch event being the most likely.

Three Rear Cameras

One of the biggest rumors that have been circulating for a while now comes from MacRumors, which based its predictions on a Chinese source, Economic Daily News. The reasons why such a triple-lens rear camera may exist is that it would give the camera more zoom capacity and better quality overall. Other rumors suggest that 2018 is not the year for a triple-lens for Apple but that 2019 might be. We are not sure as of yet what to believe.

LCD displays for this year’s iPhones

Remember that we previously mentioned that Apple might start working on a better and bigger screen resolution? Well, it looks like Apple may step away from using OLED displays with their next devices since production and availability are quite limited. They might just stick with LCD display since they seem to be a better option.

Cheaper iPhone

This rumor comes from Ming-Chi Kuo analyst. It states that Apple might finally decide to release a smartphone which is more affordable than the rest of their other devices. The suspected price for this smaller and cheaper iPhone is set to be around 550 and 650 dollars, way less expensive than the usual almost thousand dollar price tag.



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