Your Best Guide To Installing iCloud on Your Home Devices

Sometimes we see ourselves put in a situation where we need one specific application to be available on all our devices. All the devices which are present in your home!  Whether it is because you need data at some certain time and you cannot really reach out for your other device, whatever the reason may be. For all Apple users, iCloud has the amazing ability to be installed on all your devices.

Whether it is your PC, laptop, Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad…etc you can set up iCloud on all your devices in the blink on an eye. Of course, it is common knowledge that installing Apple software on Apple devices is extra easy but installing iCloud on PC is a wee harder than you expected.

  • First off you will have to download iCloud for Windows. You can only install iCloud if you have Windows 7 or 8. You have to begin with installing iCloud on your Mac and iOS devices then install this software on your Windows.
  • After you have installed iCloud on your Windows, open it and sign in with your Apple ID; that you created for your iCloud account. Upon signing in you will find a list of iCloud services you can choose from. Tick the ones you need like shown in the picture below and click Apply.
  • Once you have enabled all the options in the above photo; iCloud for Windows, iCloud Drive and Photos, your Windows system creates new folders for every category. Your Windows Explorer will be the spot where all your folders will be saved and protected. Now, whenever you download or save any files in these folders of yours, those files will appear in every other iOS device you have. Every other device you own and it has iCloud.

Now you have iCloud installed on every single iOS device along with your PC in your home.

Last updated bybogdana on December 27, 2018
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