5 Ways To Fix No Sound On iPhone 4

Solution 1

Go to Settings, and turn off Bluetooth.

Solution 2

Navigate to Settings, and click on Sounds. You will see the slider for Ringer and Alerts, and make sure to drag it all the way up.

Solution 3

Hold the lock button for a couple of seconds, and you will see “Slide to power off”. Drag the slider, and turn off your device. Turn it back on again.

Solution 4

To clean the lighting connector and the speaker of your device, you may use a clean brush. With gentle moves remove dust and dirt.

Solution 5

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings. One the task is done, you should follow the given steps, and to set your iPhone 4 as a new device.


Last updated bybogdana on January 12, 2019
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