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2019 Apple 5G iPhone: Apple Working on its own 5G Modem; May Not Need Intel’s

Apple 5G

While there were indications that the top chipmaker Intel will be Apple’s choice for its 5G enabled iPhone in 2019, it has emerged now that Apple may develop its own 5G processor after all. Apple has a mixed policy on the processors it fits on its devices. It has an in-house capability but it outsources this key component as well. But it has on an ongoing fight with the leading chipmaker for mobile phones, Qualcomm. It has turned to Intel and there are iPhones in the market with the Intel chips, namely the iPhone XS and iPhone XR released in 2018.

The Recruitment Ad That Says a Lot

This development that Apple is keen to develop the chip for its 5G phone owes its background to an advertisement that has been released by Apple for a design engineer. It would be naive to expect Apple to make an official statement that it is recruiting the technical hands to develop the chipset for its 5G iPhones. Far from it. It is only through a series of interpretations of the language used in the advertisement that you can assume it.

Sample these: “millimeter-wave IC design engineer” “circuit and system solutions for multi-gigabit wireless chips” and “functional products to hundreds of millions of customers”. Each of these conveys some clue and when put together leaves you with no doubt that Apple is recruiting a senior design engineer at the leadership level to steer the 5G modem design and development. The mention of the “multi-gigabit wireless chips” clearly means 5G since the data transfer rates for 4G are expressed in megabits per second as opposed to gigabits per second in 5G.

Apple 5G iphone

And having mentioned the chips to be developed will be used in iPhones in the future to claim that millions of customers will be using the devices is the final clincher. Apple does sell a range of products from Macs to iPads to others, but probably none of them sells as many or even anywhere close to the numbers clocked by the iPhones. That must surely be a firm indication that Apple will come out with the 5G enabled iPhone and the chipset to power these devices may be made in-house. As of now, the indication is that the iPhone with the 5G facility will be released only in 2020 by Apple.

With almost 9 months to go for the annual event for the release of the next iteration of the iPhones, don’t be surprised if Apple includes a 5G phone in it in 2019 itself.

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