Apple Won the Battle Against the Jailbreaking Community

The Internet has announced this over and over lately, but it appears that Apple finally managed to put jailbreak to an end. Almost 10 years ago a war began between Apple and users who wanted endless possibilities for their iOS devices. Back in the day, jailbreaking was almost vital, and people who knew how to do it became very important in the community. However, things have changed, and in the past years the tech giant managed to stop every jailbreaking attempt.

Jailbreak tweaks are no longer necessary

Necessity was one of the main reasons why users wanted to jailbreak their phones. At first, iOS phones were simply missing many essential features. However, the jailbreaking community had exactly what the users needed and it was able to provide all the necessary tweaks. In time, that changed as well. Apple became aware of the most popular jailbreak tweaks, and most of them became features in the actual iOS versions. This reduced the need for jailbreak.

The aggressive method

Releasing new features was not the only way Apple battled jailbreak. In fact, the most effective method that managed to make jailbreak developers give up was the forceful one. Apple removed any kind of vulnerability that could be used by hackers, and it constantly released new updates so that they won’t be able to keep up.

At first, developers used app vulnerabilities, such as Safari flaws. However, now developers are forced to find kernel and boot vulnerabilities. However, this is almost impossible now that Apple managed to come up with a system that has fixed all flaws. Even when a new flaw is discovered, Apple manages to fix it right away.

Therefore, it appears that jailbreaking is indeed dead. However, there is some hope left. Developers like Todesco made some important developments for iOS 11 jailbreak, and Zerodium offered to pay $1.5 million for any jailbreak flaw. The future might come with some surprises after all.

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