Apple Watch Series 6 Manufacturers Identified; Foxconn and Compal

Apple Watch Series 6

With the release of the Apple Watch 5 in September, the company is turning its attention to the successor, the Apple Watch 6, to be launched in September 2020. The contracts for the manufacture of these wearable devices have apparently been issued out to Foxconn Technology Group and Compal Electronics. A third contract manufacturer, Luxshare ICT is being tipped to be entrusted with the assembling of the earlier models of the Apple Watch. These reports add that the current manufacturer of Apple Watches, Quanta Computer, may stop making them from 2020.

Apple Working on Adding More Health Functions

Apple has been able to gain a large share of the wearable devices market throughout the world, thanks to the heart monitoring and ECG applications included in the device. There have been stories in the media of people’s lives being saved due to the timely warnings issued by the Apple Watch they were wearing. Now, there are rumors that Apple intends to enlarge this facility to cover other health conditions as well. Diabetes is a common disorder among the population and if the Apple Watch can include a non-invasive method of determining blood glucose levels, it would help. These rumors indicate that Apple has engaged experts in the field to work on this feature and if they succeed, the Apple Watch 6 may be released with this additional feature. Apple may decide to include the feature in the existing models as well.

Apple Watch

Another health function on which the company is working is related to sleep tracking. This could be much closer to reality and may find its way into the Apple Watches soon, according to leaks.

MicroLED Display for Apple Watch 6 Predicted

There are also speculative reports that Apple plans to change the display to microLED, in which case the watch cases could become thinner and sleek. The displays could turn brighter as well. Having already launched the Apple Watch 5 last month with some advanced features, Apple must be hoping to reap a rich reward in terms of sales volumes. If the additional features, as rumored, get added, it could only add to the excitement and expectation among the buying public.

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