Apple Watch Series 5: Price, Release date, Features, Rumors and News

Apple Watch Series 5: Price, Release date, Features, Rumors and News

Apple has been the most innovative company in many respects, where they are way ahead of their competitors. The Apple Watch Series 4 set a new benchmark for other smartwatch companies looking forward to new designs, with its features including a clinically approved Heart Rate Monitor and its capability to find Arterial Fibrillation.

Based on the features they unveiled so far, expectations are sky-high for Apple Watch Series 5. The watch, when it gets launched towards the end of 2019, will obviously be available in two different sizes. There could be lots of surprises to look forward to and the leaks are pretty limited so far. Apple is taking one step at a time and they have shifted their major attention towards streaming services this year.

However, they will still be making iPhones and the perfect companion to the 2019 iPhones will be the Apple Watch Series 5 with improved battery capabilities, design element, and breathtaking new colours to make it a fashion accessory as well. Possibility of introducing exciting new apps in the smartwatch is also high. The relevant information is expected to be made available much earlier on June 3rd at the worldwide developers’ conference where we will know everything officially, but before that here is a sneak peek of what to expect. The actual launch is expected sometime in September this year.

Apple Watch Series 5: News, Rumours, and Leaks So Far

It is unclear whether people have lost interest in leaks or whether smartwatches did not gain much traction, as Apple predicted. Rumours and leaks have been very few with regards to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5. The company has been focusing on a lot of other things and one of the leaks suggest they will not release the Apple Watch Series 5 until 2020, which suggests that buyers cannot expect any major breakthroughs in their other products at least for another year.

According to a statement made by Ming-Chi Kuo, a trusted Apple analyst who has been religiously following the company’s announcements and their innovations so far, there will be a new design for the Apple Watch 5. It could be the new ceramic casing design with not just the health benefit but also doubling up as a fashion gadget for the buyer.

Another expected improvement as suggested by Kuo include the ECG monitoring capability in watches and bringing them to more countries than the limited regions in which it is available now. Samsung has already introduced the concept of two-way charging, which allows users to charge their phone or smartwatch by using the Galaxy S10 phones. Similarly, Apple will most probably introduce the same feature in their upcoming iPhones as well as the Apple Watch 5.

While this feature is still in its rumoured stage, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Apple decided to make it common across its range of products. The next-generation iPad Pro may even have this feature, so that if one is already in the Apple ecosystem, then they will be able to charge your devices without having to rely on a power bank or the power outlet all the time.

Apple Watch 5 News

Fitness-focused Features

The company will definitely have a strong focus on fitness-related features such as sleep tracking. It is one of the most important features they missed in the previous smartwatches and it is high time Apple bundles it, along with the basic apps on the Apple Watch 5. After all, the Apple smartwatch is quite expensive when compared to many fitness tracker devices in the market and inclusion of the sleep tracker feature will only justify the high price along with the ECG and other nifty features. Being able to track your own sleep will go a long way in ensuring a healthy lifestyle and will also make the digital ecosystem complete so that users don’t have to think about purchasing another gadget to fill up the gap.

Sleep tracking is not a hardware feature as all older Apple watches probably have the hardware components required to implement it. Once the manufacturer completes the software development and officially announces its availability in the new devices launched in 2019, they can possibly do the same as a software update for all older watches. It would be a value-added service for those who love their Apple Watches but missed this one important feature that will allow them to keep a close watch on their sleeping schedule. Besides, the seamless sync will ensure one can easily sync it with the app on the iPhone and have detailed reports generated every week and month, which is usually the main purpose of owning a smartwatch.

OLED Panels with Improved Clarity

While the world of smartwatches is gradually evolving to become better, they are yet to reach the perfection of conventional watches. The primary problem is the battery issue which does not allow these watch faces to always stay on. OLED displays can easily bring about a change so that one can easily view the time in broad daylight and also in well-lit conditions, without being reminded of the fact that it is a digital display.

As per reports, Apple is working with manufacturers in Japan who will help them out with displays. Samsung has been Apple’s best and reliable OLED panel provider so far. They supplied all the panels necessary for iPhone X and there were even some issues with regards to a number of panels purchased by Apple. It is expected that all issue will be resolved when the company makes the OLED technology common across its range of devices, as Samsung has already done. It will enable them to use punch-hole cameras when necessary to get rid of notches and also make displays showcase better colours, brightness levels, among every other benefit the panel could bring to the table.

Another patent filed by Apple indicates that the company is looking to explore the detection of smell with the help of chemicals. The feature sounds far-fetched at this point, but it may be used to implement something basic, such as understanding the air quality in one’s locality or helping one to know if their body odor is high. Such add-on truly adds up to the value of the watch and it will be eventually revealed when they make the official announcement in the month of September this year.

The Most Anticipated Features

Longer Battery Life

If you ask any user, the first and foremost upgrade they expect in a smartwatch and any smartphone for that matter is longer battery life. After all, companies have been skipping this issue for a very long time. One is actually forced to charge all their gadgets every single day and they do not even last a week. By default, at least watches should last a week on a single charge and should have the capability of always staying on. It is one of the features which will make it work and act as a conventional watch.

Increasing the battery size is one way, but the fact that the size of the watch cannot become any bigger constrains this point. The only way the Apple Watch 5 could have the best battery life is by optimizing apps but we are allowed to dream that Apple might introduce a brand new battery technology altogether, for smaller batteries with longer lives! Lithium-ion batteries are being widely used on all smart gadgets these days. While they are capable of tasks that computers could do, they still do not last in terms of battery life and this often becomes an issue when one really need to search the internet or make a phone call.

Apple Watch 5 Price

The Apple Watch Series 5 will have 4G or even 5G LTE variant, which will allow users to make calls on the go without depending on an iPhone. The improved battery life is definitely something everyone is looking forward to. Apple may not immediately bring in a drastic change but if they bring about significant improvements in its running by at least two days on a single charge, it will be a great change that the industry will follow soon.

More Apps to Make it Productive

The problem or should we say, a lack of love for the Watch Series is the fact that even though the existing apps are all awesome, they are still not being promoted the way they should be. Smartphones had a limited number of apps in the beginning and eventually, they grew at an exponential rate. The Apple Watch and other smartwatches have been around for a couple of years now. Even for Apple, the company is getting ready to launch their Watch Series 5 and five generations of watches definitely demand a huge collection of apps that one could make use of.

The primary focus for developers right now is on bringing all the major apps like Maps, Spotify, Google Mail, and others to the smartwatch. Currently, it ends up only as a notification panel without providing a productive solution for users. The idea behind apps is to allow users to get most of the things done using these apps and if one is already using a smartwatch, for a fact they will be aware that they cannot get most of the things done on their watch without directly using the larger and the full version of the app on their iPhones.

Apple is possibly the only company that can initiate this idea by creating dedicated smartphone apps. They make it easier to get a lot of things done on a small device. The fact that specific versions of the product already have 4G connectivity makes it more independent and easy to use in the long run.

Android Support?

Android support for an Apple watch may sound like a dream because the two companies are polar opposites. However, in the long run, it is expected that Apple might change its policies as they have been doing so in the recent past with a lot of their different products. They recently added support for third-party apps on Apple TV and the company is also steadily moving towards software as a service model, to have more subscribers on-board.

So far, Apple has been really strict on keeping it within their ecosystem but as it is slowly opening up, one cannot help but imagine how good it will be to have Android support for Apple Watch Series 5. Such a feature will definitely help in increasing sales, for the company. In the long run, it will help to increase their market share and introduce new users to the benefits of using their own Apple ecosystem.

Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch Series 5: Pricing and Availability

Every year, Apple follows the schedule to release their new iPhones and Apple Watch Series in September events. Going by the same trend, they are expected to launch it in the month of September in 2019, along with the new iPhones. The pricing of the watch is expected to be $399 for the LTE version and the GPS version. The LTE version is expected to be more expensive as it has always been.

Fitbit is the only big competitor in the fitness segment whereas, there are not many in the Android area. Apple Watch Series 5 will once again find its own market share but in case they open it up for Android as well, it could unleash a whole new age of smartphones and smartwatches that people could use as per their wish.

The pricing, however, will be on the expensive side and only those who are willing to pay a higher price for the nifty features will approve the product. For others, it will be a waiting game as there is also a rumour that Google Pixel Watch is coming before Apple Watch Series 5. The build quality, features, and choice of straps will definitely be among the best, as has always been for Apple products. It will continue to add value for money for Apple users and may also bring in some other newcomers into this market, to get the best of fitness as well as app sync capabilities, to make it easier to use on iPhones.



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