Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Which One Deserves your Money and Attention?

Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Which One Deserves your Money and Attention?

The latest Apple Watch in the series was announced by Apple not much after the Samsung Galaxy Watch was revealed. Both smartwatches focus on fitness and health and are excellent, but what we know for sure is that one is going to sell more even though the other is more valuable.

Statistics gathered on the usage of smartwatches proved that people usually get such a device to track their health and fitness. Because of that, Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch promote and enhance these features. They can’t reach the levels of a GPS sports watch, but they do enough for the masses.

Apple and Samsung have different approaches to the smartwatch, Apple releasing its square device with a small spinning digital crown which facilitates navigation and touch gestures. Samsung counts more on the traditional route offering a round designed Galaxy Watch and a slock rotating bezel offering help to navigate. As Samsung and Apple have built up some experience, both know how to design their device so they would be easy to use.

Apple Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch – Introduction

Now, to have a good base for a proficient comparison, let’s get to know them better.

Display – Apple’s watch features an OLED Retina measuring 1.78 inches while Samsung’s one is equipped with a Super AMOLED display measuring 1.3 inches.

Dimensions – Samsung Galaxy Watch weights 63 grams and measures 46x49x13 mm while Apple Watch for is both smaller 44x38x10.7mm and lighter weighing 48 grams.

Water resistance – Both smartwatches have a water resistance of 50m.

Materials – In order to build their device, Apple used stainless steel and aluminum while Samsung used only stainless steel.

Storage – Here we can see quite a difference between the two as Apple Watch 4 has a 16GB storage and the Galaxy Watch has a 4GB room.

Battery life – There is a big difference here as well as Apple’s smartwatch lasts up to 18 hours while Samsung’s lasts between 4 and six days.

Price – As this is quite an important factor, for an Apple Watch 4 you would need to pay $399 to $799 and for the Galaxy Watch only $349.99.

The differences between these smartwatches

Each of these devices wins their fans with something, but now it is the time to compare them.

One difference would be that Apple offers a lower price smartwatch in aluminum and a more expensive one in stainless steel while Galaxy Watch only provides it in stainless steel. Samsung’s device each cheaper and sometimes if you double it, you get the price of an Apple Watch.

The battery life is an essential factor that can help you devise. As Samsung’s device lasts up to six days, Apple would only offer a full day of usage.

Thanks to the long battery life of Samsung Galaxy watch, you can track your sleep habitudes and maybe change its style. Samsung’s wearable OS, Tizen, will support the Galaxy Watch’s advanced sleep monitoring with light, REM, and deep sleep modes while wearing the watch during your sleep time. Even though this is one of the most critical health statistics, your smartwatch should feature, AppleWatch Series 4 lacks something relating to sleep.

Both watches focus on your wellness and health while Apple is based more on the heart rate tracking capabilities of the smartwatch creating one that works as a single-lead electrocardiogram good at helping with the indication of a possible heart rhythm irregularity. According to a report, Jason Perlow from ZDNet discovered he had a severe heart irregularity that he would not have realized without the smart heart rate monitoring of a smartwatch. Besides that, Apple’s smartwatch is able to detect falls which makes it a key feature as with the older generation where falls might bring the death of a device.

Automatic workout detection is supported by both watches, so they can record and track data even if you do not press start for your exercise. Apple Watch uses Apple Health to do so, and the Galaxy Watch uses Samsung Health.

Another factor that might make you decide upon one of these smart watches is that Apple Watch Series 4 only supports Apple devices while the Galaxy watch supports both Android and iOS devices.

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