Apple Watch Series 4 Facing a Display Issue

Apple Watch Series 4 Facing a Display Issue

Even before being launched, the Apple Watch Series 4 was considered the best smartwatch of the company. However, a daylight saving bug has been reported by many users earlier this month. Now, the issue is the light bleed of the wearable.

What is the light bleed issue of the Apple Watch Series 4?

The issue consists of not having an even brightness throughout the watch’s display. The uneven brightness can be seen in the corners, along with the edges, and some parts even look brighter than the center of it. It is still unknown whether this happens to every Apple Watch Series 4 owner or only to some of them.

The level of brightness varies from user to use. Some of them see it only around the edges while others got the uneven brightness extended. Moreover, this issue can only be visible when certain apps and Apple Watch faces are used and when the display is dim.

What we need to keep in mind is as Apple Watch Series 4 is equipped with an OLED display, it is not backlit. Even though the problem is called light bleed by users, not the light leakage is the reason behind it.

What is causing the light bleed issue of the Apple Watch Series 4?

The cause of the issue is still unknown, but according to a Reddit user, the reason behind this issue might be the fact that the OLED display of the Series 4 is PMW-less (without pulse-width-modulation) which is a very important factor in the modulation of the brightness. What this means is that the Series 4 watch, even though it has an OLED display, will not flicker like the smartphone equipped with it, so uneven brightness might be seen when the display is dim.

Some other users even say that the gray uniformity issues that the OLED displays are usually suffering from are the reason behind the Apple Watch Series 4’s light bleed problem. What is great though is that Apple has already been informed and that they are taking the situation seriously as it is not how their wearable should behave. One Reddit user even took their watch to the Apple Store where the problem has been confirmed.

As this issue is neither widespread, does not meddle with any watch’s function, does not affect usability, and it only occurs in certain circumstances, therefore is not a great issue. It will be interesting to see how the problem will be handled by Apple.

Apple Watch instead of sending iMessages it sends SMS

There is one other issue that is faced by owners of Apple Watch Series 4, and that is with iMessage. The problem consists of the fact that the wearable sends SMS instead of iMessages and it also receives SMS instead of iMessages. According to users, the device does not want to receive or send blue bubbles which indicate it is sending iMessages, even though the receiver of the message is an iOS user.

The issue appears even though through the iMessages on an iPhone that is connected have no problem. Users are getting more and more frustrated by this event because SMS can’t be compared with the facilities of the iMessages, including the fact that their family and friends can be contacted without a cellular connection available.

Apparently, the same issues have been reported in the past by users of Apple Watch Series 3 and watchOS 4. Even though the cause of the issue is still unknown, users say that it is not hard to fix it. Reddit and the Apple Support Community are sharing tricks between each other that would make iMessages work. For example, some users, in order to fix the problem, have toggled iMessage off and on in the Settings.

For others, all they needed to do was to get their iPhones and sign back into iMessages. If you want to do that all you need to do is to access Settings. After that, you need to go to Messages. Arrived there you will see the Send & Receive button. Tap that and then select Apple ID and then Sign Out. After doing that, in a few seconds sign back in.

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