Apple Watch Saves a Nashua Man from a Serious Heart Situation

This is a story straight out of a Mission Impossible movie. Barry Maden, a resident of Nashua, N.H. purchased an Apple Watch thinking it was a nice way to usher in the Christmas season. He is quite savvy and knew the features of an Apple Watch. One of the purposes he had invested in the device was that he thought the smartwatch has a feature in it which alerts 911 if the wearer were to suffer a fall. And he was afraid he might fall due to a brain injury he had suffered some time back.

The Apple Watch Warned Him of a Serious Heart Condition

The way it turned out was that the Apple Watch he was wearing has an additional feature which monitors the heartbeat of the wearer and gives alerts if it finds something abnormal. This is precisely what happened with Barry Maden that day. His Apple Watch warned him that his heart appeared to be in AFIB and he must get in touch with his doctor. To the uninitiated, AFIB is the acronym for ‘Atrial fibrillation’, a heart condition where the irregular beating of the heart can lead to very serious conditions, mainly to do with the heart.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

How the Apple Watch Can be Credited for Saving Maden

Now in the treatment of heart ailments, doctors generally talk of the ‘golden hour’. This is the time lapse between something happening to the heart and the treatment being commenced on the affected person. The faster the person reaches a medical facility as soon as he or she has been detected with a heart condition and the treatment started, the better are the chances of the person’s life being saved. This Nashua N.H. resident Maden concedes that had the Apple Watch not warned him of the AFIB condition, he would not have got himself admitted to the hospital. His doctors confirmed what the Apple Watch had warned him of was quite accurate after they conducted the mandatory tests. In terms of the treatment, the doctors are reported to have halted his heart for a brief moment and restarted it again.

Barry Maden’s case could be an eye-opener for many who question these modern technological gadgets. If the common people are properly educated on the extraordinary features these devices possess, it could help them buy and use them for the right reasons and not see them as just showpieces are fashion outfits.

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