Apple Watch Outsells its Competitors, Reports Indicate 12.8 Million Wearables Sold

Apple is going on a very strong run in the world of smartwatches. While the sale of smartphones is declining at an alarming rate for all major brands, the company is experiencing some massive sales of its wearables. They have managed to sell 12.8 million Apple wearables in just the first Quarter of 2019.

One of the biggest strengths of the company is the build quality and the premium experience of the products that they offer. A lot of brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Google, etc. comes really close to Apple in their smartphones market which is why iPhones witnessed some heavy competition. However, the same competition is nearly non-existent for their other products such as iPads and Apple Watch.

If you want to buy a great Android tablet, the chances are that you will fill find next to nothing in stores right now, whereas, iPads still sell like hotcakes and provide an amazing iOS experience. The same goes for the Apple Watch which has managed to outsell multiple competitive brands including Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, etc. and even a challenging player like Fitbit.

In a recent report released by IDC Worldwide Quarterly Wearables Tracker for Q1, 2019, Apple has topped the charts. By the term wearables, the survey indicates all kinds of items including smart watches, AirPods and some of the Beats Headphones that are truly like wireless. According to this report, Apple has sold 12.5 million units and has acquired a solid 25.8 percent of the market share.

Apple AirPods

They have also managed to register a 49.5 percent growth as it sold 8.6 million units last year which has now jumped close to 13 million in 2019. Surprisingly, a smaller company like Xiaomi has managed to acquire the second place while big players like Huawei is in the third and Samsung is in the fourth place. Fitbit was supposed to have acquired one of the top positions but the company has been pushed to the fifth position even though their major focus is only on wearable products.

When you look at the big picture, people are interested in wearables more than ever as about 49.6 million units have been shipped on the whole. It is about 55.2% more than the numbers sold in 2018 and when we say wearables, it also includes truly wireless earbuds. The fact that smartphone manufacturers have simply removed the headphone jack from all their phones has literally forced a lot of people to switch to Bluetooth headphones in order to make phone calls and enjoy music on the go.

Apple’s strong focus on the health aspects in its smartwatch is also said to be a pushing factor for the increased sales of Apple Watch.

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