Apple Watch: More Apple Smartwatches Sold in 2019 than All Swiss Watches Put Together

This could come as a surprising piece of news. As many as 30.7 million Apple Watch units were sold worldwide in the year 2019. This is higher by 8.2 million over the 22.5 million Apple Watches sold in the previous year. This is an increase of over 36%, quite impressive by any reckoning. The more significant part of this is that this figure is far higher than the total number of conventional watches sold by the entire Swiss watch industry worldwide. They sold an estimated 21.1 million watches worldwide. Interestingly, they had a drop in the sales volume from 2018 by 13.2%.

Apple Watch Popular in Many Markets

Some markets, like North America, mainly the USA and Canada, Western Europe and Asia have taken to the Apple Watch with much more passion then possibly the other markets. An analysis done by Strategy Analytics has revealed that from the demographic profile, the conventional watches are still preferred by the elder generation while the young users prefer to go in for smartwatches. Among the smartwatch models, Apple Watch is preferred by them due to the superior applications the product offers. The health monitoring application is also a unique one with stories coming out of people’s lives being saved due to timely warning by the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Overtakes Mac in Terms of Revenue

Apple’s revenue is dominated by the sale of its iPhones. That used to be followed by the Mac computers. In 2019, however, the revenue from the sale of Apple Watches has overshot the Mac revenues. This must please the company executives since it gives them a strong product to work on and introduce more variants and make it more popular. In another interesting statistic, the analysts claim 75% of the Apple Watch buyers in 2019 were first-time buyers of the model. For the marketing team, that is a huge development since there is a scope to enlarge the base. Marketing communication has been effective as well.

Apple clubs its AirPods too in the wearables product category along with the Apple Watch. There are the Beats headphones as well as the HomePod. All these put together clocked up revenue of $10 billion in the 4th quarter of 2019, against $7.3 billion in the same quarter of 2018.

Remarkable progress indeed for Apple in these products.

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