Apple to Release AirPods Pro Wireless Headphones with New Design and Noise-Cancellation Property in October

A recent report stated that Apple would be launching AirPods Pro by the end of October. If this happens, the company’s fans will be able to lay their hands on the wireless headphone during the festival season for Christmas. This is going to be a new version of the manufacturer’s earlier Airpods that was launched in December 2016. The report goes on to say that the Pro suffix will assist in distinguishing the forthcoming headphone from Apple’s earlier offering.

What is New in AirPods Pro?

The beta version of iOS 13.2 recently showed a new icon of a headphone with rubber ear tips. This indicates that indicated the upcoming AirPods Pro will support noise cancellation and improve the user’s listening experience. This image was noticed in Accessibility Settings, which could mean that the accessory will support an accessibility feature for it to be used as a hearing aid. This can also be interpreted as something in connection with the present Live Listen capabilities.

Another report by the Chinese financial media outlet states that the accessory will come with a metallic design that is capable of increasing its heat dissipation capability.

Inventec, Apple’s supplier for its AirPods, will work along with Lixun, a Chinese manufacturer for undertaking orders of the new headsets.

Claims by Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman

Interestingly, renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned way back in April that Apple would likely start mass production of two new AirPods models and launch one of them between the final quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of the next year. He said that Amkor, Goertek, and Luxshare would be the key suppliers.

Kuo also announced that one of the two models would be pricier than the earlier second-generation AirPods and have a new form factor. This unit came in two price variants of $159 for the model that had a standard charging case and $199 for the accessory wireless charging equipped case. There is no idea about what the features of the other headphone would be.

It was earlier assumed that Kuo was referring to the iterative headphone as the release for the end of this year. However, the expectation now is that the updated AirPods Pro will be out earlier as cited by Digitimes, which hinted Apple’s suppliers getting ready to bring out its next-generation headphones.

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the higher-priced AirPods will enter the market as early as next year. They will feature noise cancelation and water resistance properties.

The price tag for AirPods Pro

Unnamed sources claim that the upcoming accessory will hit the retail shelves with a minimum cost of $260. However, there is no hint from Apple regarding the price tag it has for its headphones.

Apple has not given any specific date regarding the launch of AirPods Pro. However, the fact that there are various rumors about pending announcements by the manufacturer indicates that there are high chances of an October media event. Moreover,  the information usually given by China Economic Daily about Apple’s supply chain is generally as accurate as Ming-Chi Kuo’s details about the manufacturer’s upcoming products and their releases.

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