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Apple to fix iPhone Security Loophole

Some people have been complaining for some time that their iPhone had a security loophole which allowed hackers to unlock their devices easily without the proper legal authorization. This is of course not only a breach of one’s privacy but also a way for users to have their data stolen without them being aware of this fact. This loophole could easily be fixed by the giant tech company, and it looks like Apple has finally started to take the first steps toward ensuring that this loophole will be closed. This loophole also gave police a window to access handsets without having the proper authorization to do so.

iPhone Security Loophole Decision

Apple has openly stated that their move towards finally fixing this loophole is in no way dedicated to making it harder for the US police to get information on their suspects by unlocking their phones. The company in itself has had a pretty defensive stance on the US legislation trying to worm its way where it is not wanted and force companies to give them access to their users’ data and their communication.

Now, this loophole is not exploited just in the US alone. It can be applied to countries outside of the US, such as the UK. And Apple’s decision to finally close it up refers to the loophole being fixed worldwide.

Now, on the other side of the spectrum, police forces state that being able to unlock iPhones and iPads is very important for their work. There was a significant conflict back in 2016 when Apple decided to refuse law enforcement the access to an iPhone used by a gunman who shot 14 people in San Bernadino. When Apple was taken to court, an order demanded that they give the FBI access to the shooter’s phone.

However, the company refused, and this leads the FBI to pay experts so that they could develop the technology on their own. Of course, we never found out which firm or which group of hackers helped the FBI build their own unlock technology and we probably never will.

This would imply that Apple is siding with its users and making sure that their data is protected. If those authorities that want to access it have the proper authorization to do so (such as in the case of the police department) then they might release it, but not on simple demand. We are happy to see that Apple stated that their primary goal is to protect users against hackers or identity thieves, or even those who want to acquire their data.

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