Apple Suffers Another Leakage Which Sort of Confirms its Design Decision New iPhones

During last week Apple accidentally leaked its next product not once, but on three different occasions. This is pretty bad and now, one of their key partners has let us know what the biggest change in design will be.

Who has done it?

While they were reporting their latest quarterly earnings, the people from Lumentum Holdings, a key supplier for Apple, revealed something major. Apparently, they started to sell more and more ARs and 3D-sensing mechanisms, which Apple uses to make the Face ID for the iPhone X.

A bigger clue is the fact that Lumentum will really accelerate their volume orders starting from September 2018. You might wonder why that is happening. Well, that’s because iPhone will switch to a design without bezels and move to one with Face ID incorporated.

All because of Face ID

Although some may feel that Apple is doing this because of their desire to incorporate Face ID into their new tablets, it doesn’t explain the magnitude of the orders. But if we remember that iPhones are 4 times more successful in sales than iPads and we take into account that only the iPad Pro (the premium model) will come with Face ID, then that should tell us something.

Also, Lumentum sells 75% of its VCSEL (Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser, which is used for Face ID) to Apple, so Android can’t be accounted for this. We have to remember that Apple plans to switch to Face ID security for the iPhone 9, iPhone X Plus and the second generation of iPhone X. It is one of Apple’s biggest overhaul, possibly the biggest since they came into the market.

Hearts are racing

Call it as you like, iPhone 9, iPhone X or simply iPhone – because it will restart the entire iPhone model, like the iPad and the MacBook did – your pulse will go up if you really love this company. That’s because the iPhone 9, or budget iPhone X, will have a display technology that is completely groundbreaking, allowing for a design with bezels thinner than the iPhone X or the iPhone X Plus.

Besides this astounding feature, the iPhone 9 will also have dual sim functionality which can be exclusive if restricted. In the end, we notice that Apple tends to cut down on their prices and if we combine it with the functionality of the iPhone 9 we will observe a clear crowd-pleaser.

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