Apple Still Mulling a New iPhone SE? Rumors Suggest it May be Called the iPhone XE

With no information coming from Apple all these months on the iPhone SE 2, the general sense was that the company had no plans for this sub-5 inch display phone. But now there are strong rumors that suggest that the lower-priced, smaller sized iPhone XE is being manufactured in India. This new iPhone is likely to be called the iPhone XE and will sport a 4.8-inch OLED display. The speculators even say there will be a notch on the screen. In addition, there will be no Touch ID; but Face ID might be there.

Size and Price the Main Factors

After sticking to the policy of not enlarging the display size for years, Apple yielded to market sentiments and started launching phones that had phablet-like displays. But a very large section of smartphone users worldwide had taken a liking to the iPhone SE primarily for its size. This has been gone through many times in the past. The small size of the phone facilitated single hand use with small fingers reaching to the other end of the phone as well. The other factor in favor of the iPhone SE was the price.

Apple iPhone SE 2

Some Aspects Don’t Match Up Though

Industry experts are quick to point out that though the report on Apple manufacturing the iPhone SE2, with whatever name, in India may be true, the factor that is odd in that report is the presence of OLED display. This is because the rumor had indicated that Apple may sell the new phone iPhone XE at $600. The experts say with the OLED display, this price appears low. At higher prices, it does not make sense for Apple to release a new phone model.

The phones in India are made under contract manufacturing through Foxconn. Apple has had to revisit its marketing strategy for smartphones as sales have been falling and the feedback indicates pricing is a key factor, particularly in many of the developing markets in Asia and elsewhere. Lastly, the ongoing China-US trade issues have also forced Apple to rework its plans.

The market in India, though huge by volumes, is highly price sensitive. Already the portion of low-priced phones being sold by Apple in India is very high. Only a clarification from Apple will clear the air on the future of the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone XE.

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