Apple Set to Enter the Digital News Service Space via Texture

Apple had acquired Texture that was running a digital subscription service and now Apple will resume the service starting in the Spring. The digital magazine subscription model runs on a fixed monthly subscription that entitles you access to dozens of magazines in a different genre. Buying them off the shelves or joining up individually can prove very expensive.

Apple’s Expected Offer

Apple will call it Apple News, a la Google News and not just magazines, the subscribers can access top newspapers like The Washington Post and the New York Times, unlimited number of times. Apple is said to have had talks with these news establishments to agree on their sharing the digital version of their papers and magazines on a revenue sharing model. As you are aware, Texture used to charge $9.99 as the monthly fee for making a host of popular magazines on its platform. Some of these magazines include National Geographic, People, Rolling Stone, GQ, Wired, VogueMaxim, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health and GQ, and so on. There were many more such. There is no indication so far on how much Apple would charge for this service. But going by its practice in the past, expect it to be a premium offering.

Media May Benefit from the Tie-up

The Apple News service, when started, may act as a welcome measure for the publishers of the newspapers and magazines. This is because they can end up adding a huge subscription base of Apple device users which they would have taken years and a lot of effort and expenditure to acquire otherwise.

It is not the news service alone that Apple has on its radar. It may start a streaming video service in the entertainment category on the lines of Netflix. There is no official confirmation on this as yet and is only speculation, but a strong one at that. The rumors have it that this service may also be slated for 2019 to kick-off and the company is trying to commission the production of dedicated shows featuring top artists from Hollywood. It is speculated that Apple may offer this service free using its iTunes platform. Apple may reveal its plans over the coming months and more details will emerge.

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