Apple rocks the iPad boat at WWDC 2017 – Are the new iPad Pros competent upgrades?

This year’s edition of the WWDC conference has made Apple fans very, very happy. They’ve been asking for more iPad variation for a while now and now, they finally got what they’ve been asking for. It’s important to mention that the new iPad Pro variations come with their own characteristic and benefits and the newly added 10.5 inch model aims to please the market segment that considered the 12.9 inch model too big and the 9.7 inch model to small. So how do the two new iPad versions fare against each other? How about the old 9.7 inch iPad Pro? Let us find out together.


When it comes to display, there’s not that much to discuss. The two new variants offer alternatives for users that see the 9.7 inch version as too small. Between the three options, all users should find the one that is just right for them in some capacity. It’s important to note however that the two new devices don’t offer the same resolution even though they have the same 264 ppi pixel density.

The 10.5 inch model comes with a 1668 x 2224 resolution whereas the bigger model features a 2048 x 1732 resolution. In comparison to the older 9.7 inch version, both these devices are superior however and there’s not much keeping users tied to the smallest version other than the fact that they like a small display.


The performance department is also filled with surprises and updates. The last generation 9.7 inch version comes with the AX9 processing unit which was a hero in its own right, in its own time. Today we have the more advanced A10X CPU which features 6 cores and the ultimate tablet processing experience. There’s also a 12 core GPU in the mix for the two new variants. This proves that the new tablets aren’t just meant to increase the size of the display.

Underneath the hood, both the 10.5 inch version and the 12.9 inch version pack a serious punch and a definite upgrade in comparison to the last generation 9.7 inch model. If processing power is what you need, the upgrade would be more than justified as you would be hopping from a dual core processor to a total of 6 cores. Not to mention the impressive 12 core GPU which only adds more value to the overall device.

Apple managed to find a way to improve the older 9.7 inch tablet with two new variants that offer users the opportunity of choosing the display size which best suits them. On top of that, the hardware and performance upgrades are large enough so that the lack of important upgrades in the design area aren’t overly missed.

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