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Apple Replaces Series 3 Watches with Series 4 Watches Due to Shortage of Supply

It is indeed very exciting if you could get hold of the latest model instead of getting the same model. Imagine walking into a store to get one of your devices repaired but end up getting a newer model as a replacement? This is what is currently happening to a lot of Apple Watch Series 3 customers. The customers who have had issues with the Series 3 watch have taken it to the store. Ideally, it should be replaced by another Series 3 watch. Apple has recently reported that the company is facing a shortage of the parts necessary for the Series 3 watch. Hence the company has decided to rectify this by providing the customers with a Series 4 watch instead of the Series 3 watch.

This new replacement scheme has been announced in an internal memo. It is not clear whether all the customers will be able to get their hands on the new Series 4 watch. Customers who have given their watch for replacement at either the authorized dealer or the service center are likely to benefit from this move. It is unclear as to how long this replacement offer will be valid. Apple had previously offered a similar deal with Series 1 watch. Customers were given a Series 2 watch instead of the Series 1 watch. So it doesn’t seem like a new tactic used by the company.

The company seems to come up with new technology and new parts in each of its new models. Since a few parts are unique to each model, the problem of shortage of parts is not very surprising. Apple Watch Series 3 was released in 2017, and the Series 4 watch is the latest addition to the collection of Apple watches. Both the models are available in GPS and cellular variant options. One of the major differences between the two series is that Series 4 watches are thinner than their predecessor. The display in Series 4 is larger by about a significant 35% when compared to Series 3.

Due to the larger display in the Series 4 watches, more notifications can be seen at a glance. The display allows the user to view more information at a single glance. The speaker in the Series 4 watch is louder by about 50%, and it is clearer than the previous model. Haptic feedback has also been added to the latest model. The users are sure to be happy to receive the Series 4 watch as a replacement for their older model.

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