Apple Releases iOS 12.1.3 Developer Beta Update; iOS 12 Adoption and Usage Reaches 78%

Apple has released the iOS 12.1.3 developer beta. Along with it the WatchOS 5.1.3 beta version for developers also stands released. The figures for the download and installation of the iOS 12 on Apple devices that run on iOS show that 78% of the users of iOS who run devices of vintage 4 years and under have already switched to the latest version of the OS. When the entire Apple device population is taken into account, this figure drops marginally to 75%.

May Reset the Anomaly Created with the iPads

As reported earlier, the last version iOS 12.1.2 had created a small issue with the iPad users since the devices were not included for the update and transferring data from iPhones to iPads was not enabled. At that time, the suggestion given was that Apple releases the iOS 12.1.3 version update for all devices at once and rectifies the situation. This appears to have happened now. Details of the update have not been shared but this is as educated a guess as you can get.

Apple iOS 12.1.3 Developer Beta Update

These Figures Must Encourage Apple

Apple Inc. and its software development team must feel pleased with these reports issued after data analysis at their end. There are a couple of reasons for this; one is that this version, iOS 12, appears to have returned much better acceptability figures from users when compared to the same period last year. Apple releases the annual updates to the software in September each year. iOS 11 was released in September 2017 and till January 2018, only around 65% devices had updated to iOS 11. As mentioned above, this figure is 75% this year. From a limited perspective, this indicates that the software team did a much better job with iOS 12 than with iOS 11. There have been many enhancements to help improve the user experience of the iPhones, largely. There are other devices that use the same OS, but iPhones outnumber all of them.

iOS vs. Android

Many people remember the presentation made by Apple in one of its events in 2017 when it compared the way its devices are run on the latest operating system while the rival Android is way behind. Apple was obviously reacting to the criticism that in the overall smartphone universe, the devices running on the iOS software were a fraction of the devices run on the Android OS. Apple countered it by saying that though Android may have that privilege, Apple’s software is superior enough to be adopted by its earlier generation devices as well. With Android, the scenario is that the adoption of the latest version is very limited.

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