They Make Apple Products Hard To Repair

Do you think Apple products are hard to repair?

Around 5 years ago, I told my friend that I need a new laptop because mine was broken. As he was working in the Apple Store, I asked him to share his opinion about MacBook (any model). I told him that I wanted it so badly. Do you know what he said?

“If you aren’t rich enough, don’t buy Apple products. First, the price is high. Second, once it’s broken, especially when it comes to hardware, the repair cost can be very high. If you aren’t lucky, the cost can be more than a half of its price.”

Apple products hard to repair


Apple Products Hard To Repair: The Cost

It is kind of weird statement came from someone who works in Apple Store, isn’t it? Well, my friend was working in an Apple Authorized Service Provider at that time, so he could give the idea about Apple products repairment costs. For example, if you have an iPhone 6 battery issue and need to replace it, Apple will charge you for about $190. But, take it to the unauthorized repair store, you might only need to spend  $90, around a half of the price. Guess what? If you are able to replace it by yourself it will be much cheaper. You can find OEM iPhone battery (alone or plus repair kit included) for only $18 – $25. However, it is inversely related to the risks. Replacing the battery by yourself could be the most affordable option, but it’s better to be done if you have experience in tearing down an iPhone.

Moreover, if you have the issue with MacBook and it is related to its logic board, be ready to spend a lot of money. Apple Authorized Service Provider might charge you around $690 for a replacement. While in the independent repair shop, they will fix your MacBook for only $90 – $200.

However, Apple seems to make their devices harder to repair by non-Apple certified technicians. Their new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar mwas reportedly almost impossible to repair.

Apple products hard to replace


Apple Store VS Independent Repair Shop

Yesterday, legislators in Nebraska considered a “right to repair” bill proposal. It is sponsoring by Lydia Brasch, a state senator. The proposal asks the companies such as Apple, Samsung, etc to allow the independent repair shops or consumers accessing to service manuals, diagnostic equipment, and replacement parts. As it’s reported by Buzzfeed,

The proposal was designed to open up the state’s repair market for electronic equipment.It would require manufacturers to provide manuals and diagnostic tools that would allow independent shops to fix devices like computers and smartphones.

But, Apple is fighting against the bill. Apple representative, Steve Kester said it can reveal the company’s secret and threaten consumers privacy. It also can make the hackers hardware-level to access to company product much easier. Well, it makes sense.

Back in 2014, New York state senator, Phil Boyle had supported the right to repair legislation too. However, it was failed due to the fact tech companies were against it. Sen. Boyle and the other supporters of repair bill proposal believe that there is a monopolistic practice in repair industry done by tech companies. This also makes sense.

“The last time, it came up against strong lobbying from the tech sector,” Sen. Boyle said. “Some of us believe that this practice is monopolistic. If I buy a computer, they are almost requiring me to go back to the facility to get it fixed at an inflated rate.”

Source: Buzzfeed

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