Apple Plans Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicles That Can Be Self-Driven

The first Apple Car to be launched would possess the ability to move without a driver. While it has been widely reported that Apple has been in advanced discussions with Hyundai’s Kia Motors to develop its dream project, the Apple Car, it has recently come to light that the first Apple Car that both these companies will roll out will be completely autonomous.

According to a report published in CNBC, the Cupertino based global tech giant is planning to manufacture electric vehicles that will be autonomous in nature and will be operated without a driver. CNBC cited several unnamed sources who, the publication stated, had a good amount of knowledge of Apple’s plans and the direction in which it has been moving forward to execute them.

For years now, Apple had been planning to get into the automobile manufacturing business with its dream venture, the Apple Car. While it is one of the biggest tech companies in the world today, it doesn’t have much experience in automobile production.

Eventually, it approached Hyundai, which has years of experience behind it in this sector, to become its primary partner and handle the manufacturing process. While the deal has not been formalized yet, the two companies, reportedly, are very close to becoming official partners on this project.

CNBC speculates that the Apple Cars, which hit the market initially, will be largely used in commercial activities like food delivery operations and might be used by companies that deal in robotaxi based services. As of today, a handful of countries like the United States and China have self-driving robotaxi services.

Many automobile companies have been planning to venture into this relatively new space for a while. When Apple launches its autonomous electric vehicles, it is bound to get a lot of attention from these companies. Apart from developing a new vehicle, this project should also lead Apple towards discovering many new things about autonomous technology which would eventually help other companies as well.

Reports point towards the possibility of the electric vehicles being manufactured in Georgia, where Kia has a well-structured assembly plant. The details of the deal offered to Hyundai by Apple are not known yet. There is also a chance of Apple choosing a secondary partner, along with Hyundai as its primary partner, to work on this project.

One of the major reasons Apple opting for Hyundai as its primary partner was the tech company getting the opportunity to penetrate the North American market with the vehicles. Hyundai would benefit by having enough work to engage its elaborate and large-scale production facilities. Hyundai is also said to be fine with the idea of Apple regulating control over the software and hardware to be used in the vehicle.

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