Apple News: iPhone Leaks, Failure Exposed, and Expensive Prices

Apple News: iPhone Leaks, Failure Exposed, and Expensive Prices

Cupertino has got us excited about another week worth of leaks and news regarding Apple’s near reveal. After reading this article, you will know what prices to expect from the company, changes in the phones’ names, no fingerprint readers, iPhone 8’s hardware issues, the Podcast’s new design, and the loss of Apple’s innovative material that got us awaiting the launch of its products.

Over the last week, there were a lot of discussions which had Apple as the main subject, and it is time to see the news.

iPhone XS does not only get maximum power but a new name as well

Many Apple fans are getting their wallets and pockets ready for Wednesday 12th of September when Apple will enhance them with the awkward name it chooses for its flagship phones. A lot of leaks made their appearance last week including an image of the phone and a modified name, XS. The company has also changed Plus for Max.

Along with the iPhone XS Max, the trio includes a budget iPhone equipped with an LCD and measuring 6.1 inches, and an improved iPhone X with the name of iPhone X and a size of 5.8 inches. If you want to sneak in Apple’s reveal, it will take place in Cupertino in the Steve Jobs Theater at 10:00 AM PT on 12th of September.

New prices for the iPhone Trio

The handsets’ pricing is one of the best guesses an Apple fan can make. Apple’s financial strategy will not change considerably from last year’s, but here they are.

The prices from EU are different from the ones you pay in the United States or Germany. However, the tech giant has set up some prices in tandem with last year’s. So, for the budget iPhone, you will need to get $699 out of your wallet, $100 more for the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max comes with the price of $999. If you want the larger stories capacities and bezel-less versions, you will need to add $150 to each phone.

Even though you can still compare these prices with last year’s, iPhone X was the first one to reach that $1000 mark. If you are not used to iPhone pricing, you might find these phones too expensive for your budget as competitive smartphones can be purchased at half the price.

Having no fingers will no longer be a problem for the iOS

The new iPhone family which is soon to be launched will not feature fingerprints scanners. Apple had stuck to the facial recognition feature contrary to other companies looking deeply into mastering the multiple biometric sensors in order to determine identity.

According to Kuo, Apple’s reasoning on this decision is twofold. On the one hand, the best facial recognition system available at the moment is Face ID which was also well received by the public. On the other hand, there are limitations in the usage of FOD only for the OLED iPhones.

iPhone 8 does not end the problem facing process

iPhone 8 models from last year have got some logic board issues reported by Apple which also offers repair for the defect created while manufacturing the devices. To be more clear, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 will get out of warranty free repairs in case the phones are suffering from the manufacturing defect.

Apple confirms that the phones manufactured between September 2017 and March 2018 are most likely to suffer from this defect in the US, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Macau.

Apple Podcasts gets a new design

Apple’s podcasts are getting improved by Henry Cheng as it was not used to its maximum level since 2005 when Apple started introducing podcasts into iTunes.

To sum up…

We are pretty sure you do not really know how to measure new ideas and innovation. According to Kempler Industries, one way to do so is to count a company’s number of patents that got issued to them. However, it is not that easy with US’ ten millionth patent. While Apple is put in the eleventh place, the op-eds come out in force.

Get ready for that Apple reveal on 12th of September 2018.

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