Apple May Include Clamshell Design for Its New Foldable iPhone Range

There are rumors for a long time that Apple is planning a new foldable iPhone soon. In fact, in 2020, there have been several times that we have come across news leaks regarding the foldable iPhone plan. The latest news reveals that Jon Presser, a prolific leakster, has more information to add to the existing rumors.

There is a recent video in which Presser mentions sources to reveal that the iPhone biggie is planning on more than one foldable phone design. Presser adds that an iPhone model consists of a prototype clamshell folding design.

This is very close to the premium Samsung model, Galaxy Z Flip. Presser adds that the device was recently undergoing shell testing. The leakster suggests that Apple is currently working on the new phone’s hinge to enhance its durability.

Presser’s video about the new foldable iPhone goes viral

According to Presser in his video, the foldable clamshell iPhone will feature an excellent foldable display. As per his knowledge, Samsung is supposed to supply the OLED display for the device. But, we will not be able to use both versions of the foldable device. For example, Samsung offers Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, but there will only be the book-style or clamshell folding for the iPhone.

Check out Jon Presser’s video:

Considering all the technological advancements in mobile phones, foldable models are still at an elementary stage. It means that only very few brands can offer good quality foldable mobile phones to customers. The Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Flip by Samsung, Moto Razr by Motorola, and Mate X by Huawei have launched commercially in the market.

Rumors about the launch date of the phone

Apart from the durability, all of these companies try to come out with newer and more improved models to fit themselves in the premium category. Adding more specifications and the entry of Apple is expected to make the market more competitive shortly.

In November, a report claimed that Apple was receiving testing samples for the foldable iPhone from New Nikko and Foxconn. Both of these are old suppliers of Apple. So, if everything goes according to the plan, Cupertino-giant Apple will be able to launch its very first foldable iPhone in September 2022. It is probably a wait of just one year.

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