Apple May Ditch the iPhone 11s This Year for the iPhone 12

Since the iPhone 4S, every iPhone model released by Apple is accompanied by a slightly better S model except the iPhone 8 which introduced the iPhone 8 Plus model instead of an S model. Even after the iPhone 8, Apple continued the trend by releasing the iPhone XS. However, this year, Apple won’t be releasing the S lineup of iPhone 11 with iPhone 11s, iPhone 11s Pro and the iPhone 11s Pro Max.

The news comes from a reputed source -Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo who is an analyst who has been successful in predicting a lot of details about upcoming Apple products. He has also said previously that the 2020 iPhone will come with 5G and a completely new design. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is rolling back to the design model of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 with a metal band wrapping the device instead of the thin curved edges design, which was introduced in the iPhone 6. The new iPhone design is also expected to get rid of the notch.

It seems fair to not call the new device iPhone 11s due to a major design change. Moreover, Apple has learned its lesson with the iPhone XS doing barely anything to increase iPhone X sales. The new device will be called the iPhone 12 instead of iPhone 11s. This jump in numbering indicates that the new device will be very different from the iPhone 11 and we expect major changes in design, as well as the technology used.

Apple iphone 11s

iPhone 12 Speculation and Leaks

As far as the iPhone 12 is concerned, we know only a little about the upcoming device through rumors and leaks. We know that the new iPhone is going to have 5G capability. Lack of 5G capability is one of the reasons that the current lineup of iPhones is showing a decline in sales when compared to earlier iPhone lineups.

Along with 5G capability, there are also reports from Bloomberg suggesting that Apple may bring back the much-loved Touch ID by introducing an in-display fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 12. In-display fingerprint technology is used in several flagships like the OnePlus 7, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10. We don’t know for sure if Face ID will be included in the upcoming device as the new design includes thin bezels and no notch.

The future of Apple looks good in the smartphone space. The new iPhone 12 is expected to boost iPhone sales, which is currently seeing a decline. There is no expected release date for the iPhone 12 yet, but it should be launched in September like the previous iPhones.

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