Apple May Completely Change the Design of the iPhones in 2020

Apple May Completely Change the Design of the iPhones in 2020

Confirming many of the rumors that had emerged a few months earlier, there is new speculation floated by the well-known Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo on what to expect out of the iPhones in the 12 series next year. The major point brought out by him and as appearing in Chinese websites indicates that the outer frame of the phones next year may take one back to the squarish iPhone 4-like flat finishes. They sound very metallic.

All three phones with OLED screens?

On the display screens too, earlier rumors had suggested that Apple will drop the LCD displays for the lower end model as well and go with the OLED screens for all three models. Yes, Ming Chi-Kuo would like you to believe that Apple will stick to the three-model format, one high-end, one normal and the third below that with budget pricing. He has even suggested that the display sizes will be 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

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You will see the first Apple 5G phone

This has never been in doubt that Apple will release its 5G phone in 2020. The company has taken too long to join the race. Some of its calculations went wrong in terms of acquiring the mobile chipset division of Intel to make its own chipsets for the 5G phones. The information now in the speculative domain is that the Cupertino giant will go with the Qualcomm processor for its 5G model. Now, it is not clear if all three models will have a 5G version or only one or two of the three. You will have to wait for more clarity on this.

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Apple will have high hopes on its new phones

While most smartphone models have suffered from a drop in the volume of sales, worldwide, over the past couple of years, Apple has been hit hard. There are a number of reasons for this. The major reason has been that the iPhones are at the higher end of the spectrum as far as the pricing of the phones is concerned. The stand-off between the US and China over trade issues has been another important factor in the loss of sales. China has been one of the major markets for iPhones. The second-largest market, India too, posed different sets of challenges for Apple.

Since the iPhones of 2020 are expected to sport all-new designs and with the other changes that are rumored, Apple must be quite confident that it can end up selling more iPhones next year. It may be too early to put any numbers now, but here too, Ming Chi-Kuo has stuck his neck out and has said it will be 85 million pieces.



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