Apple May Be Working on Mini LED Products, According to a Supplier

Apple May Be Working on Mini LED Products, According to a Supplier

Cin-Yung Fan, president of Epistar, a Taiwanese LED company, recently revealed to the Taiwanese publication Digitimes that some of their clients were working on mini LED products like laptops, monitors, tablets, and smartphones. Mini LED’s act as a backlighting system for these products. According to him, the demand for mini LED’s will be higher since the third quarter of 2020.

Apple Rumored to Release Mini LED iPads and MacBooks

Apple is one of these clients that Mr. Fan talked about and there is a possibility that Apple may be working on Macbooks and iPads with mini LED’s as a backlighting system. However, it is not a sure fact since Epistar hasn’t explicitly named Apple.

Apple iOS

This news coincides with the news that we heard last week from the famous analyst and source for Apple leaks -Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo. He said that Apple is planning to release a Macbook and an iPad with a mini LED-backlit display in 2021. Kuo also mentioned that Epistar is going to supply these mini LED’s to Apple.

What are Mini LED’s?

Mini LED’s are like traditional LED’s but are lighter and more compact in size, thus allowing for thinner and lighter displays. They also provide great color reproduction, dynamic range, as well as better contrast than regular OLED displays. The blacks in these displays are more authentic due to the local dimming feature of mini LED’s.

Through research and development, Epistar has been able to solve most of the problems associated with mini LED’s like heat dissipation, power intake, and overall effectiveness. They are not supposed to be used in larger devices like televisions since they do not provide any significant improvement for larger devices.

LED display

Mini LED display components are, however, very costly to manufacture. Thus we can expect them to be present in the only top of the line products like the Macbook Pro and the iPad Pro. Kuo also confirmed that the Macbook Pro models with the mini LED’s are going to have a display size within 15 to 17 inches. The mini LED iPad Pro displays will have a screen size of around 10 to 12 inches.

Mini LED Technology in Macbooks and iPads

Due to the extremely small size of these mini LED’s (under 200 microns), the MacBook and iPad displays will have an upwards of 10,000 LED’s. In comparison, the controversial Apple Pro XDR display only has 576 LED’s.

Currently, Apple is using traditional LCD panels for its devices like the Mac lineup and the iPad. The traditional LCD panels produce greyish blacks and do not have good viewing angles. The new mini LED devices are expected to be released in 2021 with big price tags. However, as technology improves, we expect the prices to fall accordingly.



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