Apple Loop: New iPhone X Leaks – iPhone SE2 is Canceled

This week we have found out other specifications and features of 2018’s iPhone, that Apple squeezes the supply chain and why iPhone SE2 is canceled.

New iPhone X useful leaks

After an extended period of waiting, Apple is finally coming out with a dual-SIM handset which is going to compete with Android. Reports suggest:

„Dual-SIM technology has proven to be a competitive advantage in a number of territories around the world, most notably in the BRIC territories – an area where Apple is trying to build up sales. With dual-SIM, you can connect to two different networks on your phone increasing connectivity options, you can have the flexibility of multiple mobile numbers working together in a single handset (with the obvious set-up of a personal and a business SIM), or you may want to put in a local SIM card while travelling but still remain connected to your home network.

Not everyone needs dual-SIM, and it will increase the bill of materials for manufacturers, but for many around the world, it is key features that will help them make a purchasing decision.”

iPhone SE2 is canceled

A report by Bluefin was followed by a lot of questions about iPhone SE and iPhone SE2 this week. Gordon Kelly from Forbes comes with help:

„As confident as Apple may be, however, what the BlueFin report shows is the company effectively pulling out of the midrange smartphone market, and that is going to upset some users.”

During that, the new ‚budget’ iPhone might be iPhone 8 due to an update that says there will be changes to reduce costs.

Apple and the pressure put on suppliers

Apple is good at creating competition between its suppliers because its success is appealing to them, so they need to step up their game. This is what was noted earlier this week:

„Alongside the final manufacturing being split between Wistron and Foxconn, Apple has also set up ‘internal competition’ between Samsung and LG over the OLED displays to be used in 2018’s iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, and between Intel and Qualcomm over the cellular modems used inside the handsets. These won’t be the only areas where Apple is squeezing suppliers to increase its own margins and average revenue per handset.

Given the static sales of the iPhone, Apple’s only choice to maintain growth is to have a more efficient and cheaper supply chain, so these moves make sense on a financial front.”

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