Apple Leak Showcases Important Changes with New iPhones

Apple fans might have wonder at the peculiar way in which Apple would decide to develop technology to charge up their smartphones. However, 2018 might finally mark the year when the company is ready to acknowledge the fact that there are other ways in which a smartphone can be charged, and faster as well. Just last year we became witnesses to the new addition of wireless charging for smartphones such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus.

This year marks another pivotal moment, and that is the fact that Apple is finally thinking and working towards introducing fast charging. This package is set to come with their new iOS smartphones. A bit late in the game, if you ask us since Android devices have had a fast charge for some time but still a pleasant upgrade.

Apple Leaked Plans

This April was the first time where we finally got wind of this move from Apple. The underlined idea was that fast charging was already available for Apple products, but it was only in the form of an accessory. The change now would be exemplified by the fact that the fast charger would be offered directly with a new iPhone purchase. This kind of move would allow Apple to step its game up and not only provide quality for their users for a similar price but also square up to their competition, Samsung.

A recent leak has focused on what is the new charger going to look like exactly. We can see now that the port on the charger is going to be USB Type-C. This means that Apple is slowly shifting its focus towards USB and a bit farther away from their Lightning cable. We know that the port meant to connect with the smartphone is going to be Lightning, however, implying that we are seeing a “best of both worlds” type of scenario playing out.

We admit that we are more than happy to see Apple make this move and add this type of technology to their devices. However, we cannot help but wonder when exactly the tech giant will decide to implement wireless charging software so that we can use it with Apple’s Air Power in order to charge the iOS device. Some Android smartphones already have a form of this feature included, wireless charging if we want to be clear, and it would be nice to see Apple adopt it as well.

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