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Apple Keen on Liquidating its iPhone SE Inventory; Offers Discounted Sale for the Third Time

Apple’s iPhone SE is still one of the most courted devices in the short history of smartphones around the world. For some reason, the company stopped making this model and didn’t push its sale. But all that is changing now with the iPhone SE being offered at deeply discounted prices on its website for the US customers. And Apple has done this thrice over in a matter of a month.

Sold Twice Within 4 days

It was on January 19 this year that one noticed some half a dozen models in different colors and internal storage variants on Apple’s online store with price reductions ranging from $100 up to $200. But then, the listings got removed the next day. It was then reported that the phones got gobbled up quickly. Then the phones came back on January 23 again, this time with more offers. The reports indicate that on both occasions, Apple managed to sell all the phones it had put up for sale.

iphone Se2

The Third Offer on Now

Now there is the third consecutive offer for the iPhone SE models. This time around, you can pick up an iPhone SE with 32 GB storage for $249. The phone was being retailed at $349 till just the other day. So, again there is a $100 off on this device. Similarly, the variant with the top end 128 GB storage can be picked up for just $299 while its last known price in the stores was $449 making the discount $150 on this device. The educated guess is that the Cupertino company plans to get rid of its entire inventory of the iPhone SE. The reason behind this particular move by Apple now is beyond anyone’s knowledge or imagination at the moment. Is this a precursor to the introduction of the iPhone SE 2? No way to tell.

The company made a departure from its policy not to fall for the lure of large-sized display screens by launching the iPhone X models which sport much larger screens. There is still a huge fan base for this 4.7 inch iPhone SE model all across the world.

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