Apple Just Pulled out the iOS 11.2.6 Update

People that have decided to update their iOS to the 11.3 version have started to call out the fact that the update has a series of bugs and that it is causing them more problems than they felt the need to deal with.

Moreover, Apple has decided to delete the iOS 11.2.6 update so those users that have the iOS 11.3 cannot go back to the previous version, therefore being stuck with the bugs until there is a new patch available.

iOS 11.3 – what is wrong and what can be fixed

This update promised a lot of great things for users, such as users now being able to look at their battery percentage in relation to how their processor was performing. However, it looks like the update already has a number of bugs, reports from users say.

So, what is really wrong with iOS 11.3? Well, the update seems to drain the phone’s battery faster than usual, something that is quite ironic if you remember that Apple wanted this update to make the phone’s battery life last longer and be used wisely.

Other people have complained that the iPad and iPhone with iOS 11.3 seem to experience an invisible keyboard glitch. Other reports claim that there are issues when connecting to Bluetooth or that Apple Music is not working as it should.

Apple is known to stop signing code when a new update comes along, which means that they make the previous update unavailable because it may have bugs or flaws that will ruin their phones.

However, in this case, it looks like the new update is the one that seems to be riddled with bugs and problems. Hopefully, Apple will roll out a new update in the near foreseeable future that is going to address all these issues and fix them.

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