Apple Issues Warning Regarding the New Reminders App in iOS 13

iOS 13 has been a nightmare for Apple. The instability of the latest iteration of iOS has caused Apple to send 2back-to-back bug fixes updates in the same week that the iOS 13 was released. The iPhones have been reported to be vulnerable to a new hack named ”checkm8” which is “a permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit for hundreds of millions of iOS devices.” Among all these worries, Apple has released a warning titled “Get ready for the new Reminders app” that explains how updating to iOS 13 can make you lose all of your previously saved data in the old Reminders app.

The Problem with the New Reminders App

The new Reminders app in iOS 13 comes with a lot of new features when compared to the earlier versions of the Reminder app in iOS 12 and below. The new Reminders app contains features like smart lists, as well as a quick toolbar for easy access. But, one should be careful as upgrading to iOS 13’s new app can remove the existing data stored in previous versions of the Reminders app.

The problem is caused due to the reason that the new Reminders app is not backward compatible. It can only be used in iOS 13, iPad OS 13, as well as macOS 10.15 Catalina. The macOS 10.15 isn’t even released yet to the public. This means that even if you update your iPhone and iPad to the latest version to use the new Reminders app, your Mac system won’t be able to access these reminders.

The Warning from Apple

Apple warning

Apple does warn its users regarding this bug, but many users have overlooked this warning and are now facing a lot of data from the previous Reminders app. Due to multiple reports of data loss, Apple has released a support bulletin wherein they mentioned why people are facing this loss of data from their previous reminders app.

The bulletin read “the iCloud reminders that are created on a previous version of the reminders app can now only be accessed by devices that run the previous software. If you update your devices to the latest software, those new reminders that you add will be lost when you start the Reminders app.”.

Along with this, there are other ways users can lose their reminder data.

If you have added iCloud reminders on an updated device, which currently has iOS 13, iPadOS 13 or the new macOS Catalina, you can still face issues if you are trying to add a reminder using Siri or other means without opening the Reminders app. If you haven’t opened the app, all the reminders that you add will not be stored.

This is a serious flaw in iOS 13, which can lead to people losing important data. For a company as big as Apple, this flaw shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. Apple has addressed that the issue will be fixed once MacOS Catalina is launched, but until then it is dangerous for people to update to iOS 13.

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