Apple is Planning to Cutdown 2018 iPhone Production as iPhone 11 Launch is Imminent

In the statistical reports generated recently, it is evident that smartphone sales are slowing down for all major players including Apple and Samsung. Except for companies like Xiaomi that sell budget phones, the top of the line has been steadily shrinking.

In order to cutdown any potential losses and to get ready for the imminent launch of the iPhone 11 in the month of September, Apple is planning to cutdown production of the 2018 iPhone models. They are planning to sell all existing stocks around the globe. In the recent past, the company brought about some significant discounts on the iPhone XR, which was the cheapest way for the customer to experience new age hardware and the latest iOS operating system.

Despite the fact that the iPhone XR won so much critical acclaim and reviewers loved it, the phone did not sell as many numbers as Apple wanted it to. The company decided to bring about some significant price cuts to improve sales and it did help to an extent. A similar scenario happened in 2017 when the new iPhone with a notch was launched but Apple had to cutdown their orders to Samsung who produced OLED displays for the iPhone X, on account of low sales.

Through the years, with major manufacturing suppliers around the globe, Apple has accumulated a large amount of stock of its previous and current generation smartphones. Continuing to produce them at higher quantities does not sound like the best business decision and it is only logical to trim production when the company wants to launch the new iPhone XI.

It is also rumored that they will go for three new iPhones in 2019 with improved processing capabilities, better design and camera but the overall design including the notch is expected to be retained for one more year. Every year, the third quarter usually witnesses a slump in sales as the big companies get ready to launch their products. Apple and Google do it every year during the same period which has convinced users not to buy new phones until the latest model for the year has been revealed. It also leads to reduced pricing of older models released a year ago. This year is expected to be no different.

Market reports suggest that Apple iPhones including the newly launched iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are overpriced. Other companies too are accused of overpricing, which is why Samsung has multiple products in their lineup whereas Google launched the Pixel 3A. It is to be seen if Apple makes a move with an actually cheaper phone like the iPhone SE in 2019.

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