Apple is Cutting the Cookies Advertisers

Apple is Cutting the Cookies Advertisers

Apple has decided to cut down cookies and this decision enraged the companies that are using them in order to advertise their products. The latest Apple software update will be the one that brings those changes and it will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

The history of cookies

Back when they were created, cookies were just files that could be placed in someone’s computer if the website wanted to keep track of some things, like your username or password. Cookies were are also responsible for keeping you logged in on a certain website.

Companies have been using cookies for advertising

Third-party advertising networks  began to take advantage of cookies and soon advertisements became able to place their own cookies on users’ computers. Soon companies began to use cookies in order to create a profile for users so that they can use advertisements that are targeted specifically for them.

While this type of cookies is easy to block, it gets more difficult when the website itself places the cookie. For example, you do not want the cookie that remembers your shopping bag items to use this information in order to show you similar ads on other websites.

The new Apple update plans to block cookie advertising

Nowadays many companies use mobile devices in order to track users and come up with customized marketing. The recent Apple decision may make many users feel safer, but most advertising companies were not pleased. In fact, they even made an open letter that calls this update an act of “sabotage”.

While the Apple update may be a step back for advertising companies,  the advanced technology will allow them to discover new marketing methods that are way more complex. For example, future ads may use information such as the battery percentage or the level of light in the room.



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