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Apple iPhone XR Develops Connectivity Issues in the UK; Carrier O2 and Apple Say Fix Underway

Apple’s iPhone XR, which helped the company rebuild its market presence, is reportedly having connectivity issues. This has been reported only by users of the device with the carrier O2 in the UK. Users have been reporting that their iPhone XRs don’t connect to the internet when Wi-Fi is not available. They cannot access key apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

iPhone XR

Both O2 and Apple Acknowledge the Issue

On many occasions, Apple would not immediately acknowledge such issues until the company checks out if it has anything to do with its own hardware or software. In this case, however, Apple has confirmed that it is aware of this issue and that the fix is being released by way of a software patch. The company may add the fix to the next iOS update that it would be sending to all iPhone XR users. Some customers have reported they are unable to even make calls and send text messages. This indicates the iPhone XR is not able to receive the signals from O2 either.

Temporary Solution Available

Some users have found that they can get temporary relief from this connectivity issue on their iPhone XRs by restarting the device. However, there is no certainty of how long this solution will last since the issue resurfaces.

O2 has issued a separate statement in which the company has said it is working with partners for resolving the issue quickly. The carrier has asked its customers to remain patient till the fix is sent to their devices at the earliest.

iPhone XR Still a Popular Model

This budget model of the 10th anniversary iPhone, released along with the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max in 2018, has been a killer model in the marketplace. Interestingly, even after the launch of the successor iPhone 11, the iPhone XR finds buyers. Carriers like O2 are selling at discounted prices and that is how there is a large customer base in the UK. The scenario may be very similar in other markets as well. This could be one other reason Apple quickly responded to the complaint and is sending the fix.

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