Apple iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus (2019) Renders Surface with Interesting Design Concepts

More details have started emerging of the iPhones of 2019 with the latest ones showing the front and rear designs and other features. These may just be suggested concepts for consideration and not necessarily the final ones. But you can draw a lot of conclusions even if only a portion of these images are to be taken as real.

Bringing Down the Phones’ Thickness?

The renders indicate that the next generation of iPhones may sport a thinner body than the predecessors. Apple may have used its iPad designs for reference and it is suggested that the phones may be less than 6mm in thickness. The display in the images indicates a full screen with just the notch and a tiny cutout to accommodate the front camera and the IR lens Apple includes for the facial ID function. A little space has been provided for the speaker too.

Triple Camera and Color Options

The iPhone XI Plus (2019) may be fitted with a triple camera arrangement in the rear if you go by these images. The assumption is that besides a primary sensor, there could be a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, a concept may top-end smartphones seem to have adopted in recent times. Would that mean Apple would rather go with the crowd and not stand out? Difficult to say now since there is no surety that these images represent what Apple has already decided will be the final designs for the 2019 iPhones.

These concept images seem to suggest Apple may release the next year’s flagships in three distinct colors; one is black, another white and a third that appears to have a grading from bronze to the golden hue.

Some other images separately posted online speak of a holographic face ID feature in the new iPhones along with the 3D technology. More interestingly there is a suggestion that the phone could come with a feature where you can place it in the landscape mode with a back stand and project a virtual keyboard on the desk or even a wall. While the technology sounds exciting, it remains to be seen how much of a battery drainer this feature could turn out to be.

Apple has traditionally been quite secretive about its products and other developments and rarely does one come to know of Apple’s products before they are officially announced. Things have changed for the better now.

Take a look at the rendered video of Apple iPhone XI & XI Plus (2019).

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