Apple iPhone X2 Concept Design with a Sliding Camera at the Top

Apple iPhone X2 Sliding Camera

It is still not clear what Apple will call the next flagship iPhone as, the iPhone XI or the iPhone X2. And hardly anything is out officially from Apple. But the popular designer, Antonio de Rosa has come up with his own concept of how the phone should look and function. He has given a punchline ‘Past Perfect Tense’. He is not new to designing iPhones and many of what he conceived might have gone on to be adopted by the company as well. The highlight of this new concept design of the iPhone X2 is the slider to lift the camera.

Sliders Not New to Phones

Good old feature phones used to have a slider at the bottom to reveal the keyboard. Now, with the race to clear the front screen of all obstructions on smartphones, models like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Oppo Find X have been fitted with the sliding mechanism to house the cameras. In this concept design by Antonio de Rosa too, the slider is in the back panel and the rear cameras are lifted to help you click pictures and this eliminates the need to add a separate selfie camera.

Several Specifications Added to the Concept Design

The designer has not stopped at showing the images of the iPhone X2 as he sees it. There are other specifications outlined as well, including a short YouTube Video to showcase these.

According to these, the iPhone X2 concept phone will possess a Super Retina display with a screen resolution of 3000 x 1386 pixels and a high pixel density of 458ppi. The slider holding the cameras takes just 0.15 seconds to lift up responding to a switch. A fingerprint sensor on the rear panel has been hidden within the Apple logo. The camera envisaged here is a 24 MP sensor along with a 3D sensor for Facial ID.

On the phone’s color too, the concept design shows a double tone effect, that many people seem to like.

The part to be understood here is that these concept designs are the artist’s impressions of how a phone can look like and are not necessarily going to be accepted by the manufacturer. For all you know, Apple has in-house designers who may be churning out hundreds of such designs, some of them even better than de Rosa’s. But the company considers many aspects before taking a final call on the best design for their next flagship device.

For now, enjoy these renders.

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