Apple iPhone X vs Galaxy S9+: Drop Tests Reveal Which is the Stronger Phone!

Another Day, another Launch! The year 2018 seems to have great things in store for the gadget fanatics. With leading mobile manufacturing companies launching their innovative technological advancements in the form of smartphones, it would not be wrong to say that the future is here!

Apple then gave a surprise with iPhone X under the pretext of iPhone 8, the world watched the Tim Cook show with an awe. In this fiercely competed world, you cannot expect Google and Samsung to stay the course. Google, to give Apple a hard run, came with Pixel 2. Samsung did not waste much time in launching Galaxy 9+ to make Apple run for its money.

Both smartphones have their pros and cons, which makes one superior to the other at specific levels.

But the ultimate taste for any product especially in the mobile segment is only when the mobile stops functioning. This is a bit complex, theoretically. Practically, if we conduct a drop test on Apple and Samsung smartphones with the same propensity the result will disclose – the survivor.

Let us find out who wins the durability test, where Galaxy S9+ is said to be the beast – made of thicker glass and Aluminum 7000 series and iPhone X has stainless steel borders.

Here’s the video!

There were 3 types of drop tests conducted with both these phones. The first one involved dropping the phones from the waist height sideways, front facing, and back facing. Both the phones prominently survived the test, with Galaxy S9 plus undergoing a scuff on the metal.

The next test was to drop the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X phone from about 6 feet high. Both the phones were throng – side drop, front drop, and backdrop. Dropping sideways, the Galaxy S9 Plus suffered dents on the metal and cracked the back, however, iPhone X suffered cracks on the back when dropped from the back. Both the phones had severe front screen cracks, where Galaxy S9 Plus stopped working but iPhone X was still working fine.

Just to test how durable and strong iPhone X is before it breaks, it was dropped from a height of 10 foot. The phone stopped working after the phone was dropped from the front facing angle for the third time.

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus was impressive with the thicker glass, features, and camera whereas iPhone X was shattered badly though it made it until the third test. The cost of Galaxy S9 plus is about $720 whereas iPhone X is available at a whopping $1000.

Looking at the overall results, only an Android fan would find Samsung better than iPhone X. If we count on sustainability, performance, battery, functionalities, and other features besides durability, Apple iPhone X has proven its metal adequately.

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