Apple iPhone SE2 (iPhone 9) Sure to be Launched in March 2020

Apple iPhone SE2 (iPhone 9) Sure to be Launched in March 2020

There is a new take on what Apple is up to in respect of the iPhone SE 2 or the iPhone 9 as some people claim it will be called. This time, it is by Bloomberg and the report says the production of these smartphones will start in February and a March 2020 release is as good as confirmed. Where it differs from some of the other rumors or reports in these columns the past few days is that it claims there will not be any difference in the display with the large bezels etc.

The iPhone 8 Lookalike Being Confirmed

There has been no deviation from the consistent rumors that the budget iPhone that Apple has in the works will look very much like the iPhone 8 with the same 4.7-inch display. It will also have a flat theme instead of the round or curved ones. The Bloomberg report sticks with the same narrative.

Apple iphone Se 2

Some of the recent rumors had indicated that while the 4.7-inch display may be onboard, the bezels would be reduced to the bare minimum and yield more real estate for the display in the new phone.

There is no dispute that the phone will have an LCD display and touch ID will be the tool to unlock the phone securely. Again, the fact that the processor will be the A13 Bionic chipset and the RAM will be 3GB is re-iterated in the latest report.

The Different Reports Agree on Pricing

Most of the commentators have been maintaining that Apple will sell the successor to the iPhone SE at $399. The lowest price at which you can pick up an iPhone today is the iPhone 8. Now, if the iPhone SE2 or the iPhone 9 is launched at this price, Apple may have to phase out the iPhone 8 since there will be hardly any takers for that device.

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