Apple iPhone SE Back on Sale Again in the US with Huge Discounts

Apple iPhone SE Back on Sale Again in the US with Huge Discounts

While the trade has been eagerly awaiting news from Apple on the plans for the launch of the iPhone SE 2, it now emerges that the company has ideas of clearing its stocks of the iPhone SE by offering a price cut. Without making much noise the company appears to have posted the phone in different colors for sale at prices reduced by $100 to $150 from the original retail prices on its online store meant for buyers in North America.

Posted Under Offers and Then Removed

According to a report, the iPhone SE models first innocuously made an appearance on the “clearance” page of its website. Interestingly the iPhone SE and a couple of other models were removed from this official online store a few months back. That was after the new flagship iPhone XS was released. While the iPhone SE made its appearance, it vanished from the pages leaving behind the same mystery on why it was posted in the first place and why it got removed. But an Apple fan had the presence of mind to save a screenshot of the page when it was up and shared it later.

Apple iPhone SE North America

You can see that all five models displayed here are the iPhone SE (unlocked) and a couple of them with 32 GB storage and the other three 128 GB. It is clearly mentioned there that you can save $100 on the 32 GB models and $150 on the Rose Gold colour variant of the iPhone SE 128 GB model. On the 128 GB iPhone SE Gold and Silver models, they have offered a discount of $200.

iPhone SE the 4-inch Compact Smartphone

Though Apple has not released further versions of the iPhone SE, the company knows that this model was quite a hit among large sections of the smartphone using public. Its compact size and easy single hand operation were attractions for many phone users. The phone sports an A9 processor and a 12 MP camera. Last year, when Apple launched the iPhone XR, it was speculated that the company may dump the iPhone SE concept altogether. Later there were strong rumors that the successor iPhone SE2 was around the corner.

But it does appear after going through these images that the company may be sitting on a pile of stocks of the iPhone SE and would want to first liquidate them before making more pieces. Even otherwise, there has been a massive drop in the volume of smartphone sales worldwide.



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