Apple iPhone 9 – Fresh Rumors Suggest the Model May be Launched in India by Apple

Even as the debate is on in the media in the US and other parts, a fresh report in an Indian media claims the iPhone 9 will be launched in India in the first quarter of 2020. The report even adds that the company may manufacture this phone in India itself and sell it at competitive prices to take on brands like OnePlus and Samsung. The news report says the rumors are quite strong.

Earlier Rumors being Reaffirmed

If anything, most of the points included in the report in India Today are a reaffirmation of the earlier speculation that the form factor, external size, and appearance will resemble the iPhone 8. The processor to be fitted in the new phone will be the A13 Bionic chipset that you see on the iPhone 11. There is no specific mention of the actual display size being enlarged through a reduction in the size of the bezels etc. Some of the other components will also be of recent origin and not the 2017 ones seen on the iPhone 8.

This will make the handset a small-sized iPhone with the latest components and software at a budget price giving tough competition to other brands.

Apple iphone 9 specs

The Price Prediction is Also Similar

The report repeats the earlier predictions that Apple is expected to fix the price of the 64GB lower variant at $399. This is the international price. In the Indian market, there will be import duties added if the phone is imported in its assembled form. Apple already has production arrangements in India to make some of its iPhone models. It is now suggested that the company can make the iPhone 9 also in India and sell it locally. If it does so, the prices could be even lower and give it an edge in the marketplace.

On the launch calendar, this report too claims that the iPhone 9 will be launched by Apple in March 2020. It may be right to assume that the iPhone 9 will be a worldwide launch at $399 at around the same time. There are enough indications to believe that Apple’s larger plan to sell iPhones in 2020 in terms of volumes certainly includes the iPhone 9 as well.

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