Apple iPhone 2019: How Samsung’s Touch-OLED Display Will Help Apple Sell More iPhones Next Year

Doubts on Sufficient Quantities Being Made Available by Samsung

The new touch-integrated OLED display to be fitted on the 2019 iPhone models will enable the price of the devices to be reduced. The new touch integrated OLED display panels currently under development at one of South Korean giant Samsung’s component manufacturing units could come to Apple’s rescue in keeping the prices of it is devices under control. But latest reports suggest Samsung may not be fully ready to supply these panels with innovative technology to meet the full requirements of Apple for its iPhones in 2019.

Touch-Integrated OLED – No Separate Layer

The world of mobile phones changed overnight when Apple introduced the touchscreen technology and there have been innumerable improvements in the design and construction of these display panels to date. The AMOLED displays have been the latest ones. In these display panels, the material chosen as the display panel has an additional layer pasted over it to render the touchscreen technology functional. This is the technology that enables you to operate your smartphone. Now the new technology that Samsung has come up with involves a stage-wise integration of the touchscreen function while manufacturing the panel itself. Samsung calls it Y-Octa at its end now. The significance of this new technology is that it can help the smartphone maker to keep the overall thickness of the phone down. When you reduce the thickness, the outer casing material, whether metallic or glass will be required in less quantity and without a doubt the cost of manufacturing the phone as well.

iphone 2019 OLED Display

Can it Help Apple Reduce iPhone Pricing?

The price of Apple devices is always a hotly debated one. Apple has been aware of this aspect and lifting the sales volumes of its iPhones has been a big challenge due to the pricing factor. In particular, markets like China and India, which can yield large volumes in phone sales have shown a decline in sales for Apple in the last two years and if there is any way by which Apple can save on costs and pass on the benefit to the buyers, you may see a new paradigm emerging.

Much of this information is still in the realm of speculation. There are no specific details on which iPhones will have these new touch-integrated OLED panels and how much of a cost advantage will accrue with this new component. However, what we know as of now is that Apple iPhones are going to be thinner, slimmer and cheaper in 2019.

Keep watching this space as we bring confirmed news on this and other details on the iPhones 2019.

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