Apple iPhone 12 to Sport a Sony IMX686 Lens; 64MP?

Apple iPhone 12 to Sport a Sony IMX686 Lens; 64MP?

iPhones have managed to score high on their camera functions though Apple wouldn’t go for high resolution lenses. Even the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max has stood third in the recent DxOmark ranking after smartphones that sport 108MP shooters. That may change now with Apple going in for the Sony IMX686 lens, which may well be 64MP in resolution, for the iPhone 12. The association between Sony and Apple in the optics department of the iPhones is not new and this development of the Sony IMX686 for the iPhone 12 may take this relationship to another level.

Technical Specs of Lens Not Disclosed; Video Teaser Out

Sony has not disclosed the details of the lens it is developing. There is, however, a video shared online that has images shot with the Sony IMX686. The images are stunning, to say the least. It’s a collage of photos taken in different light conditions and closeups and long-distance shots. It is assumed that these shots have not been edited though they may have not been shot using a smartphone.

Comparisons in the Industry Bound to Be Made

The smartphone market is abuzz with the news of new models from the popular brands, the iPhones from Apple, the Pixel range from Google and the various brands like Huawei and Xiaomi. Some are expected to go with the 64MP Samsung ISOCELL lens as the primary sensor. There are others likely to sport a 108MP sensor, including the Samsung Galaxy S11 to be launched in February 2020. This 108MP sensor could be Samsung’s own, in the same ISOCELL Bright HMX range. That will pit the South Korean company directly against Sony in the lens category, while Samsung and Apple battle it out for the smartphone stakes. Samsung may have a slight edge with its 108MP sensor already in use on a device like the Xiaomi Mi CC9 released only last week.

Confirmations Still Awaited

With Apple Inc, you are never sure till there’s an official confirmation. As of now, it is just a speculation and an educated guess that the iPhone 12 will sport a Sony IMX686 camera. There are still several months to go before the iPhones 2020 are due for release.

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