Apple iPhone 11 Concept Design Suggests a Popup Camera Module; No Notch

Latest images have surfaced and are rumored to be the concept designs of the 2019 iPhone 11. While Samsung is predicted to have a no-notch design with the front camera embedded below the display, Apple may choose to go the popup way. At least that is how these images indicate. The way it has been presented is that there will be a thin panel holding 2 sensors lifting up from the top of the phone.

iphone 11 Display

Still Early Days for Confirmation

Apple has been known to keep information about its future devices under wraps and hardly issues confirmation or denial of such rumors. It will, therefore, be long before any kind of confirmation can come that these images do represent the iPhone 11 to be released next year. However, the phones are manufactured in different geographies and there are many component suppliers and their employees on whom Apple may have no control. This is one way such images leak.

The other interesting factor is the set of images show the back panel with just a single camera. That would make you take these pictures with a pinch of salt. This is an era of smartphones sporting quadruple or triple lenses and to think that Apple would release a single sensor phone in the rear is unthinkable. The only recent exception has been Google’s Pixel 3 where a single camera is made to offer top performance in imaging through the application of AI technology. Will Apple too attempt something like that?

iphone 11 concept

The Innovative Display Definitely on the Cards

As reported, there is one aspect of the design for the iPhone 11 that can be confirmed. This is the new innovative display developed by Samsung, replacing the OLED display panels. These are known as touch-integrated OLED display panels that will be thinner and will bring down the overall thickness of the phone and its weight. The agreement between Apple and Samsung has already been signed for this, according to these reports.

iphone 11 camera

There is very little that is in the public domain as far as the next iteration of the iPhone is concerned. But then there is a lot of time, close to 9 months before the phones are released. You have to wait to get more information.

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