Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro will Warn Users about Non-Genuine Displays

A new warning system has been built in the latest iPhones. The latest series of iPhones namely the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max seem to have a compatibility check system designed in them. This checks if the display present on the phone is an original display or not. The latest iOS 13.1 is designed to come up with a warning, which states that the display detected is not a genuine Apple product. The warning that pops up has the message “Unable to verify that this phone has a genuine Apple display”.

A support document has also been linked to the warning, which elaborates on how important it is to use only genuine Apple displays. It goes on to state that every Apple product is tested for quality through rigorous checks and using other non-Apple displays can spoil the phone. The usage of Apple products is important for the phone to continue giving its best performance. Right from the performance to color saturation to haptic touch, the display plays an important role. Replacing the display with a non-Apple counterpart may hinder these settings. The document also states that using non-genuine products can even result in safety hazards.

iPhone 11 Pro

The warning also talks about how important it is to get the phone repaired by authorized service personnel. It says that only authorized personnel and people who have undergone Apple service training are qualified to repair the phones. Further, it mentions that the tools used to replace the display should be genuine Apple parts. Improper installation by a technician can also cause a lot of damage to the phone. So, it is important to ensure that the display is installed properly to avoid any sort of compatibility issues. There could be issues with the battery draining really fast while using displays that are incorrectly installed or non-Apple displays.

This particular notification can be found in the Settings tab under the General section. The About tab under the General section will have the support document explaining the details about this warning. The latest iPhones not adhering to the genuine display guidelines will receive a warning and a notification. Users will be able to continue using their phones despite the warning messages. At present this warning is limited only to the latest range of phones, namely the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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